Made in Canada: The Italian Way

Enter the fascinating world of three Italo-Canadian business empires; listen to the stories of their early struggles to make it in the New World. Watch how they solve conflicts within a family business. Learn about their inspiring secrets of success and how they plan to transfer power to the next generation.

Made in Canada: The Italian Way is an up-close exploration of the Italo-Canadian entrepreneurial spirit – a success that is the lucky marriage of the immigrant belief in hard work and the Canadian openness to innovation and enterprise. We enter the complex world of three extraordinarily successful families: the Ciccolinis, the Pillitteris and the Chiodos; business leaders in insurance, wine-making, and automotive franchises.

We hear the story of their early years of struggle, the evolution of their business and how they integrated their children to help grow their empires even larger. We watch them at work, making the tough decisions, we listen to their stories – some of which have the elements of great drama, and we show their triumphs. We examine how they work and live together, how they deal with conflict and how they have planned to transfer power to the next generation.

For some, successful though they are, how do they deal with major threats of a global economy? How do business practices rooted in old World values such as family loyalty, face the challenges of adaptation for survival and growth in the highly competitive market?

These are families whose patriarchs left a post-war Italy, devastated and limping from the ashes of defeat. This is the story of their ability to be inventive, tough-minded and resilient in the building of their empires in Canada.


1-hour documentary

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn

Director/Writer: Roger Pyke

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Produced in association with:

Omni Television