Into the Inferno

Werner Herzog explores the bitter-sweet relationship between mankind and volcanoes.

When volcanoes exploded in the past, they helped shape us as a species. From our earliest ancestors to travellers battling with the effects of ash clouds on airline flights, our evolutionary destiny has been played out in the shadow of volcanoes. One day in the future there will be another super-eruption like the one that triggered the last ice age. There is a greater chance of a super-eruption happening in your lifetime than of winning the lottery!

Werner Herzog wants to find out why, where and how our lives are inextricably linked with the most destructive and creative force on Earth. In this global odyssey, he teams up with the world’s leading volcanologist, Clive Oppenheimer, to bring the story of the relationship between volcanoes, our planet and human society to audiences around the world.


2016 - feature-length documentary

Producers: Andre Singer and Lucki Stipetic

Executive Producers: Vanessa Dylyn and Richard Melman

Director: Werner Herzog

Editor: Joe Bini

Cinematography: Peter Zeitlinger