The Divided Brain

Once in a generation, someone puts forth an audacious idea that completely changes the way we see the world around us: is there an imbalance in our modern brain that is affecting how we live and deal with large problems in our society? This subversive theory is the brainchild of Dr Iain McGilchrist, an esteemed neuroscientist and psychiatrist. He argues that over centuries, the values of the left hemisphere have slowly been gaining influence in society, with disastrous consequences.

This has earned him comparisons to Freud and Darwin – but some scientists think he’s a heretic.

Join us on a mind-altering odyssey to explore evidence of McGilchrist’s radical new idea - a filmic quest to discover whether our society has been hijacked by the left hemisphere and what can be done to restore balance.

This is the film one half of your brain doesn’t want you to see.