Undercover Jihadi

Into the Inferno

Leslie Caron: The Reluctant Star

The Woman Who Joined The Taliban

The Mystery of San Nicandro

Fixing My Brain

The Musical Brain

Made in Canada: The Italian Way

Exotic Lives

In Production

The Divided Brain

A two-part series based on the work of Dr. Iain McGilchrist, author of The Master and His Emissary: The Divided Brain and the Making of the Western World

The Divided Brain introduces viewers to this highly original and subversive way of looking at how our minds function, based on the ideas of Dr. Iain McGilchrist, an eminent neuroscientist and clinical psychiatrist. The significance of our divided brains was explored in his universally acclaimed book, The Master and the Emissary, which is based on twenty years of neurological studies and clinical practice. He has found evidence that for two thousand years, the left hemisphere has been gaining ascendency over the right - changing the way we think about ourselves, and the world. The Divided Brain is a story of conflict, deception and the mysteries of the human mind.

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn

Director: Manfred Becker

Consultant: Dr. Iain McGilchristt

In Development

Beast Hunters of Rome

The Original Deadliest Catch

A Canada-Italy Treaty Co-Production

Much is known about what happened in the amphitheatres of the Roman Empire but very little is known about the Beast Hunters who risked their lives to bring back the original deadliest catch.

Exotic beasts from the far reaches of the Roman Empire were brought to the capital to be part of a grizzly spectacle of slaughter. Thousands of animals were killed in a day in the great Colosseum before 50,000 cheering spectators. It was a bloodthirsty, spectacular event.

But who captured the world’s most dangerous beasts to feed the insatiable need of the crowds of the great Colosseum? And how did they keep the animals alive while transporting them thousands of miles?

For the first time on camera, we’ll mount an extensive investigation to find the evidence and reveal how this cruel industry of the ancient Roman Empire flourished for hundreds of years.

Co-Executive Producers: Vanessa Dylyn and Gioia Avvantaggiato

Extinction Stinks

Series - First Episode "The Curse of the Labrador Duck"

Bird expert Glen Chilton is obsessed with a species of North American duck that went extinct in 1875. Part road movie; part forensic investigation, and part natural history, an incredibly humorous journey with a most engaging and zany detective, the obsessed scientist himself. We join Glen on his epic journey to see all the stuffed Labrador Ducks in the world, including the one that is said to be cursed.

It’s an epic quest that will get him into all sorts of mischief en route as he circumnavigates the globe, hobnobing with eccentric artists, bird collectors and multimillionaire murderers. Every bird is a rare treasure and Glen will do almost anything to personally examine and measure every last one. Why? Corpses may be all that remain, but the dead tell tales. They reveal a lot to a scientist about the birds’ behavior and habits.

Producers: Vanessa Dylyn and Vijay Mavjee

Consultant: Dr. Glen Chilton

West Point ’41: The Men Who Led America

Docudrama series

West Point ‘41 is the astounding true story of the last class to graduate from America’s elite West Point Military Academy before the US entered World War II and the vital role they played in the Allied victory.

This series tells how the Class of ’41 was tested in war, of the courage of the men, of the elite training they received, and how they overcame the enormous burden of command to lead the Allies to victory. This series offers a unique insight into the art of leadership, and how these heroes of World War II took their place and helped define America’s military future.

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn

Director: Alex McIntosh

Did Marco Polo Reach America?

A modern detective story, with ancient clues

In 2014, historian Benjamin Olshin released his book The Mysteries of the Marco Polo Maps, which some experts believe could change history, as we know it. The book is the culmination of 20 years of study of a remarkable collection of maps and letters, which appear to have been compiled by the daughters of Marco Polo.

The maps show a landmass which looks remarkably similar to the Bering Strait and Alaska, suggesting Polo may have reached America centuries before Christopher Columbus. Did Marco Polo Reach America? will reveal the mysteries behind these maps and present strong evidense that could re-write history.

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn

Writer: Stephen Milton

Consultant: Dr. Benjamin Olshin, Ph.D.

The Science of Sainthood

How the Vatican uses medical science to determine who will become a Saint

The Science of Sainthood presents astounding stories of the science behind the saint-making process in current campaigns for Sainthood - campaigns that include candidates such as first aboriginal saint Kateri Tekakwitha and Archbishop Fulton Sheen.

The series also reveals the medical science behind recent canonizations such as the newly canonized Brother André, Montreal’s miracle man, and Marguerite d’Youville, of Quebec.

Inspired by Dr. Jacalyn Duffin’s recent book, Medical Miracles: Doctors, Saints and Healing in the Modern World, we bring to life intimate accounts of spontaneous healings, and how skeptical clergy and medical professionals have worked together to separate the miraculous recoveries from the merely fortunate.

With unusual access to the Vatican’s Congregation for the Causes of Saints and its top medical investigators, this series opens a window into a fascinating process that has remained largely secretive for hundreds of years...until now.

Developed with VisionTV Canada

Producer: Vanessa Dylyn

Writer/Director: Harvey Crossland


A mini-series based on the book Charles Dickens and the House of Fallen Women

At the height of his fame, Charles Dickens masterminded a radical social experiment lasting twelve years – one of the greatest preoccupations of his life and yet virtually unknown until now. Based on the recent book, Charles Dickens and the House of Fallen Women, our film will reveal a vital but unknown chapter in the life of one of the world’s most beloved authors. This feature will delve deeply into the dramatic and moving relationship between women who wanted to escape their miserable lives and Dickens, the famous author who knew their secrets.

In development with Muse Entertainment and Back Alley Films

Producers: Janis Lundman and Adrienne Mitchell

Consultants: Vanessa Dylyn and Anna Stratton